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Jevan's Email, Full Name, Address

Contact email
Jevan Pipitone
Software Engineer and Researcher
Home and Postal Address: 8 Millard Place, Flynn ACT 2615, Australia
Phone: (02) 6152 8010 (or +61 2 6152 8010)
Anyone age 18+ is welcome to contact me by email or phone anytime.
I prefer to interact as friends, hobbies, and volunteer work, with females age 49 and above when possible.

Reasons to contact Jevan Pipitone

The main reason to contact me is so we can interact online via the internet and by phone and email, everything I do wherever possible is done from home so that we don't need to travel to meet. I can try to give you some value from our interactions, something that we can both take away from our interactions and do whatever each person wants to do with it, such as something we created together, or my thoughts and discussions about your current life issues that you would like solved and improved; most people have something they want to improve or change about their life.

If you would like us to create music together, I prefer us to create original content not covers, originals can include improvisations, so that I can post it anywhere online without any copyright issues, in fact, anything we create together including writing should be 100% original so there are no copyright issues.

This is done as friends, to do hobbies together (collaborations), with no cost to either of us.

Working with Vulnerable People, Police Check, Security

1. Unfortunately I do not hold a working with vulnerable people card/ registration so that any volunteer (unpaid) or paid work that I do that provides a service to customers or clients, the clients or customers need to be age 18 and above and without any disability and not seniors. However I think it should be fine for me to be friends and do hobbies with disabled or seniors. Access Canberra - Working with Vulnerable People

2. Unfortunately I do not hold a police check clearance so I also cannot work in government as a volunteer. Australian Federal Police - National Police Check

3. My contact in security for any questions is (and I'm not totally sure this is his profile) Ian Titmuss


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