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My name is Jevan Pipitone.
I am here for online friends, hobbies, volunteer or paid work, working on business ideas, preferably a friend, activity partner, staff or freelancer/contractor at the same place or website where I work or on my team of paid staff, or my manager, who is an adult female age 18+ who has any disability (physical or mental). I am age 47 male and receive Centrelink Disability Support Pension due to my schizophrenia and aspergers. I am also interested in paid work however I am not usually successful to obtain that. I work from home wherever possible, otherwise I am able to come into the workplace anytime I choose during your working hours without any notice/appointment. Me: Computing Researcher, Self Employed, Innovation, Management, Canberra Australia. Interests: Especially things involving the use of a computer. Creating, Doing, Improvising, Analysing for Improvement: Computer Programming Open Source including C#/VB.NET, CSS, HTML, Javascript, MS Visual Studio, My/MS Sql, PHP, WinForms, WPF. My interests are making, collaborating, and managing people to make: 3d animation, Acting Improvisations, Audio Podcasts, Business & Startups, Chat, Collaborations, Creative Writing & Poetry, Creativity, Dancing, Debating, Decisions, Digital Art, Discussion of Topics, Electronic Music Composition/Creation (FL Studio), Engineering, Entrepreneurs, Friends, Graphic Design, Ideas, Information Analysis, Innovation, IT Tuition, Jazz Piano, Jazz Singing Male Baritone & Choir & Karaoke, Leadership, Management, Mathematics, Meetings, PC Support, Phone Talk (if done from my home), Photography, Physics, Public Speaking, Reading online science magazines and emails, Research, Science, Web Design, YouTube Videos. Friendship with adults via phone, Email, Online Chat, anything we can make and send each other and collaborate on. Note: For our interactions, collaborations, hobbies, volunteer work, etc to turn out successful, it may be necessary for there to be a financial cost to me in order for you or your organization to make it work, so let me know what you suggest.

Photo of Jevan Pipitone
My photo is included here.

Most of the activities that I attend in-person are later in the day such as 4pm or later, sometimes done from home via the internet, and each activity is usually a small number of hours such as up to 3 hours in one go on any one day.

I am interested in learning about strategies, web page URLs, and companies that I can donate some money or time or purchase an annual service or annual subscription or product, in order to gain something useful from them (this can include the experience of having worked for them as a volunteer for something to do and for the fun of volunteering). The difficulty is to find out which webpages/services/products to put money into (such as by purchasing a service, product, making a donation, or volunteering time) in order to get a particular kind of benefit, such as, attracting jazz musicians to make music with, attracting digital artists to collaborate on art projects, etc. One of the things to ask myself or them is what is something that the people I want to work with, that if I have that then I will attract them to do some tasks/get to work with them, what kind of things are they interested in that if I have that then they will want to spend time with me. For example I cannot presently think of any paid annual subscriptions that an artist might be interested in me because I have that, other than perhaps an art magazine subscription, or even a digital copy of some of my art I have previously made and the URLs of my website subdomains of things I have created, which they can use as inspiration for further ideas of their own. What paid products and services and subscriptions are there for the various career/hobby areas (not too expensive since I have limited finances).

My highest qualification is Master of Information Technology in Software Engineering.