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Here is an Information Technology Software I have made called "Music Maker" that you can download for free and use. It is easy to use this software to generate/compose music automatically just by ticking checkboxes to select which instruments you would like, enter the number of milliseconds for the total song length, and then click "Start Music" and if you record your computers sound output using any available software that can do that, then you can save the resulting song as an mp3 audio file.

This software is very useful for musicians since it has a transpose capability to place the resulting song into any key that can be then played along with, to practice improvising in any particular major scale. It is also useful for creating aleatoric music compositions - where the music is partly generated by the computer software and partly uses real improvising musicians.

The software is also very useful for anyone wanting to have an interesting free and unique music composition created that you can then listen to and add to your music audio song collection.

MusicMaker works with soundfonts (high quality music instrument samples) and probabilities of various things are specified in the computer code in order to generate the music and you can find some aleatoric music I created using a MusicMaker backing track with added a midi controller keyboard making music to play along with it using FL Studio electronic music software, which you can hear on my soundcloud page at

MusicMaker is written in C#.NET in Microsoft Visual Studio and it works with midi commands NoteOn NoteOff for each instrument sample soundfont (.sf2 files) and the timing of them which is sent to a C DLL (fluidsynth and FluidSynthWrapper) which turns it into sound, the commands are sent with timing values to occur in the future so that it is all sent first and then it starts playing after, I wrote a C# separate class file (clsNoteGenerator.cs) which allows one to specify all the parameters for the probabilities etc (e.g. probability of a triplet occurring) for a particular generation of music so that potentially in future someone could create different kinds of generated music using my code without having to worry about the midi NoteOn NoteOff and timing.

Music Maker Software

Important information about the download

Unfortunately there is no executable installation file for this software. It would cost a lot for me to hire someone to create an installation for me, for my musicmaker software. So since there is no installation, then the only way to make it work is for you is to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition (free programming environment) and then it will work. It does not work if visual studio is not installed since it appears to need something that is installed when visual studio is installed. The source code to my MusicMaker software that automatically composes music is available for free from the above link and from my github account with link below.

Future Possible Improvements:

Modify vocal melody generation so it uses a variety of sounds from the vocalist such as Ee, Ay, Aw, Ah, etc. This would require soundfonts for each different sound for a particular vocalist.

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