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There is lots of free content here!

at the various sections of this webpage see the menu up the top, for many free things I have made such as free digital art to look at, free music to hear and download, free writing to read, free youtube videos to watch, and other free online content.
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I can be contacted by click on the "Contact" option of this web page, look at the menu up the top of each page.

Path of Benefits - Important:
Whoever pays you, even if you receive a pension or payment from the Department of Human Services, whoever it is, a company, organization, business, etc you can have a website with content on it and then put a link to those that pay you, so that they get some benefit from you, and it will feed back into greater benefits for you.
Additions to this site:
  1. - Change made on 2019sep5
  2. Svelte - Last Updated 2019jul30
  3. Music Composition
  4. University Math Problem Solving and Concepts
  5. Pixologic ZBrush 2019
  6. Houdini 3D Engine
  7. NeoAxis 3D Engine
  8. C#.NET Reference Variables
  9. by Jevan Pipitone (2019apr9)
  10. Engineering OrCAD PSpice Simulations of circuits with various series or parallel, combinations of Resistors (R), Inductors (L), Capacitors (C), Sinusoid source voltage (VAC), with various experiments in the software, 2019apr3
  11. Crossword Design 2019mar28
  12. by Jevan Pipitone (2019feb23)
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for a joke that the meaning depends on how you read it
Joke Summer Slimmer Double Meaning

This is not my album, however, if you click the URL to view the album and look at the image of the CD, you will see "Summer Moods" and you can see if you look at it carefully you will find you can instead see "Slimmer Moods".

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