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Look at the various sections of this webpage see the menu up the top, for many free things I have made such as free digital art to look at, free music to hear and download, free writing to read, free youtube videos to watch, and other free online content.

You may be interested in: I can be contacted by click on the "Contact" option of this web page, look at the menu up the top of each page.

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Recent Additions to this site:

  1. NeoAxis 3D Engine
    • NeoAxis Projects (Test1, Test2), "Test 1" started as an empty project and "Test 2" started as the default project with sample content, these are the two projects used in my youtube part 1 tutorial - NeoAxis Projects 2019apr14.zipx
    • YouTube NeoAxis 3D Engine Part 1 by Jevan Pipitone - they could use this to improve their software ease of learning and to see some of the problems that people might encounter that I found 154. NeoAxis 3D Engine Part 1 (2019apr14)
  2. C#.NET Reference Variables
  3. Paint 3D Demo by Jevan Pipitone (2019apr9)
  4. Engineering OrCAD PSpice Simulations of circuits with various series or parallel, combinations of Resistors (R), Inductors (L), Capacitors (C), Sinusoid source voltage (VAC), with various experiments in the software, 2019apr3
  5. Crossword Design 2019mar28
  6. Google Sketchup Make 2017 Art by Jevan Pipitone (2019feb23)
  7. Updated with more detail in my profile information about me and a new and more truthful photo, the About Page (Last Edited 15 January 2019)
  8. Updated with more information the Contact Page (Last Edited 14 January 2019)

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